English Open BJJ Championships

24/25th November 2018 University of East London

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Registration is now open. The tournament will operate under IBJJF rules.

Weigh in will take place shortly before your first match and will be in gi and belt. Failure to make weight will result in DQ.

Coloured belts will be on Sunday 25th November. White belts will possibly be on both days.

Juniors will be on Saturday 24th. This is a gi competition.

Competitors can change details of their registration(eg team name, weight) in the smoothcomp software themselves.

Gis may be any colour but must match (jacket and trousers) and not be frayed or worn.

Coaches passes must be arranged in advance and require a minimum of 5 competitors.

Free car parking is available behind the venue.

Spectators fee £10, payable on the day.

Absolute divisions will be open to medallists only and all age groups (over 18 years) will be combined. Registration for absolutes will take place on the day.

Tournament schedule and brackets will be available on 22nd November 2018.

English Open Junior and Juvenile

24/25th November 2018 University of East London

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The English Open Juniors and Juveniles is held at Sportsdock, University of East London, E16 2RD.

We have the highest quality facilities and organisation, with detailed schedules and real time details about your division, brackets and weigh ins online.

Juniors will compete on 24th November 2018. (juvenile blue belts may be on 25th November)

Please ensure that your child is in the correct age and weight category. Their weight will be checked before their first match and must be under the weight limit in their gi and belt. If you have any difficulty with this please check with their coach as failure to make weight will result in not being able to participate.

Detailed timetables mean that you can plan your day in advance with no waiting around and matches take place on the very best judo tatami available. The tournament enjoys UKBJJA ranking status and a huge number of ranking points are available due to the x4 points multiplier, making this the most important ranking event for juniors for the year.

All Juniors will receive a free T-shirt at the event and a certificate once their division is complete.

Free car parking is available behind the facility.

Registration fee

£30 before October 24th

£40 before November 19th

Tournament schedule available 22nd November 2018.

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